1. General conditions

1.1 The website https://noblebiosolutions.com (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) is owned by LLC Aqua Perfectum, EDRPOU code 35005353 (hereinafter referred to as the Company). All intellectual property rights on this website are owned by the Company, unless otherwise indicated.
1.2 This Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter - the Privacy Policy) operates within the confines of the Terms of Use of this website and does not apply to third-party websites.
1.3. This Privacy Policy is a set of legal, administrative, organizational, technical and other measures taken by the Company to ensure the confidentiality and protection of users' personal data, unless such information is personally and knowingly disclosed by the consumer - user.
1.4. The purpose of implementing the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is to prevent public access and disclosure of information owned by the consumer.
1.5. The company takes all possible measures to ensure the implementation of the requirements provided in this section of the Privacy Policy.

2. Processing scope

2.1. The Operator can process the following personal data:
2.1.1. Full Name
2.1.2. Phone number
2.1.3. E-mail address
2.2. The Operator collects and processes anonymized data about the visitors of the website (including cookies) by means of web analytics services (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics and others).
2.3. The above-mentioned data (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) is united by the general concept of Personal data.

3. Purpose of processing

3.1. The purpose of processing the user's personal data is the establishment, execution and termination of civil contracts; granting the user with access to services, information and/or materials on the website https://noblebiosolutions.com
3.2. The Operator also reserves the right to send the user messages about new products, services, special offers and various events. The user can always refuse to receive informational messages by sending an e-mail to the Operator at info@noblebiosolutions.com marked «Refusal of messages about new products, services and special offers».
3.3. Anonymized user data collected by means of web analytics services are used to acquire information about user actions on the website, improve its quality and content.

4. Legal basis

4.1. The Operator processes the user's personal data only if they are filled in and/or sent by the user through the forms on the website: https://noblebiosolutions.com. The user agrees with the Privacy Policy by filling out the forms and/or sending his personal data to the Operator,
4.2. The Operator processes anonymized data about the user if it is allowed in the user's browser settings (the saving of cookies and the use of JavaScript is enabled).

5. Collecting, storing, sharing and other types of personal data processing

5.1. The security of data processed by the Operator is ensured through the implementation of legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fully comply with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.
5.2. The Operator ensures the storage of personal data and takes all possible measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing this data.
5.3. The user's personal data can be transferred to third parties only in cases related to the implementation of the current legislation.
5.4. In case of any inaccuracies in personal data, the user can update them independently by notifying the Operator to the e-mail: info@noblebiosolutions.com marked «Updating personal data».
5.5. The personal data processing period is unlimited. The user can revoke his consent to the processing of personal data by sending the Operator an e-mail to: info@noblebiosolutions.com marked «Revocation of consent to the processing of personal data».

6. International data transfer

6.1. Before starting cross-border personal data transfer, the Operator is to make sure that the foreign state to whose territory the data is to be transferred provides reliable rights protection of the subjects of personal data.
6.2. Cross-border personal data transfer on the territory of foreign states that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements can be carried out only if there is a written consent of the subject of personal data for the international transfer of his personal data and/or execution of an agreement to which the subject of personal data is a party.

7. Final conditions

7.1. The user can get any answers on the points of interest in his personal data processing by contacting the Operator via e-mail: info@noblebiosolutions.com
7.2. This document will reflect any changes in the Operator's personal data processing policy. The policy remains in force without limit of time or until it is replaced by a new version.
7.3. The current version of the Policy is freely available at https://noblebiosolutions.com/privacy